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12 Many
The screen will flash quickly. You will have a split se…

Commando Arena
Pilot the mech in this top view mech fighting game

Test your fishing skill with this Flash game

Indiana Jones
Play as Indiana Jones and try to find the the lost trea…

Bushido Fighters
Play in the Training Session and when you have master t…

Ballistic Biscuit
Ride in tube and avoid obstacles

GAPC Santa
Help Santa to get to GAPC to deliver the holidays gifts…

Knight Rider
Join Knight Rider in pursuit of suspect

Sheep Game
Herd the sheeps - don't let them run away

Blow Up
Bobble Bubble clone with various ball theme

play against the PC or friend to try to explode your cu…

Destroy enemy fighters and battle cruisers in this game

ClickPLAY! Rainbow
The Play Button just won't stop hiding!

Wuzi chess
Play against the computer. Connect five to win.

Guess 5
Try to guess the 5-letter word in as few attempt as pos…

Sport Balls Jigsaw
Try to solve this puzzle game for a given time.When you…

Jungle Crash
Remove pieces by matching at least 3 of the same kind

Move the colour tiles to a new location. Remove tiles b…

Mario Remix
Play Mario in this cross over and destroy everything in…

Firing cannon onto the sky, hit 35 planes to clear a st…

Nun Gunner
Veru funny game where you get to shoot at nuns

Operation SOS
Save the Santa and Christmas from evil penguin in this …

Dead Duck
An interesting duck shooting game. You've got 120 shots…

The Stupid Cupid Training…
Play as the Cupid Trainee in this cartoon shooting game

Net Blazer
3-Point basketball practise

Avid Bowler
Flash Bowl - try for the strikes!

Flash Golf
3D Flash Golf game with realistic graphic

Homerun Rally
It is the pircher versus the batter in this baseball ga…

Bowling for Nuns
Bowling game with nuns as the pins

Switching Goals
Play this funny penalty shootout game featuring movie c…

Boiler Breakdown
Fix the boiler by collecting its parts.

Ultimate Crush
In the game of collapse, blocks of the same colour are …

King of Buttons
Click the buttons as fast as you could; multiple play m…

105 Salmon
Fishing Salmon with a spear

Eminem Mania
Help Eminem to avoid the paparazzi and make his way on …

This is a Flash Billaird game

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